UrbanBuzz is Australia’s own social network for LOCALS on your smartphone!

Born from the frustration of not knowing what is happening locally, UrbanBuzz connects locals instantly so that everyone can get the best out of where they live. Individuals, businesses and organisations can now instantly connect with each other. Know all the chatter, sales and events in your area.

It is your community in your pocket so join in and be a part of the buzz in your community.


App | Urban Buzz

It’s been a while since I posted a review of a web site although I have reviewed hundreds.

This time round it’s something a little different, a review of an APP, a first for this reviewer.

Firstly, it is easy to download and install.  Simply select your device (Apple or Android) and install.

It downloaded and installed in a few short minutes.

I fired up the app and was asked to register.  I later discovered the answers help the app show you the best suitable content for you and your locality.

I’d say it took me about 5 minutes to register and confirm my account.

Nothing too difficult or intrusive.

One completed, you are faced with a simple menu of items.  My interest was the events.  Based on my profile, the app displays all the events on in my area, Today, Tomorrow and Coming Up.

Select an event to view details of the event, when and where it’s on.  How cool is that!

You can LIKE the event, save it to your calendar, send the event to a friend (we should go together) and see more information.

Other App links include

  • Search for people
  • Refer a friend

Where to get it

Review: Excellent 5/5

UrbanBuzz will take over the world in helping people know what’s on in their area.

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