TigerTime: Best Day in 37 Years


As Toyota would say, oh what a feeling.

Now, this post is not me gloating (although I’d love to Adrian), it’s about how it feels as a supporter of a premiership team.

Damn good, real good, amazing is how it feels.

I have been on an emotional high since Saturday 30th September 2017 at around 5pm.

In the weeks since, I have watched countless replays, read stories, listened to commentary, I can’t get enough.

Match report: Terrific Tigers end 37-year wait

AFTER 37 long years Richmond has finally bared its fangs on Grand Final day again, mauling a lacklustre Adelaide with the relentless pressure that has become its trademark this September to seal an inspired 48-point premiership triumph before 100,021 fans at the MCG.

The Tigers sealed their 11th flag – and first since 1980 – with a run of seven unanswered goals from early in the second quarter that had the Crows staggering on the ropes just 10 minutes into the third term.

Why am I telling you all this?

We need things in our lives to make us happy.

We have the day to day things like food, music, entertainment but from time to time we need something different, uplifting to raise our inner self and the Tigers win did just that.

I’ve been on a high ever since, I feel it every day like it’s part of my inner self.

Late one night I was feeling “meh”, tired and non-plus.  I fired up my DVD of the grand final, selected 3rd quarter and within 30 minutes I was buzzing again.

With each goal, my inner psyche is lifted.

I went to bed a happy man.

Go Tigers!


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