Melbourne: Worst Drivers In The World


Who is to blame for Melbourne having the worst drivers in the world?

VicRoads is to blame!

I have absolutely no doubt the cause of Victoria’s atrocious drivers and a system close to gridlock is the organisation responsible for it.

VicRoads and it’s nanny-state attitude is the cause.

Don’t be fooled into believing VicRoads (Government) attitude to road management has anything to do with the road toll.  It’s archaic direction has only brought the state misery and one of the poorest records in the world.

Let’s not forget, the Police are only enforcing the law, they are not responsible for the law.

Road toll aside, the top 3 reasons VicRoads are to blame:

  1. Traffic Light Sequencing
  2. Road Design
  3. Rail Crossings

Traffic Light Sequencing

Traffic light sequencing is the cause of much frustration leading drivers to become impatient and intolerant.

Lights that favour no direction.  Lights that take drivers from one red light to the next intersection and the next red light.

  • Main roads should be given traffic light favour for longer and more frequency

Turn arrows that restrict traffic flow 24/7.

  • Turn arrows restricted to peak hour dual carriageways

Road Design

Poorly designed roads attempting to provide access for all vehicles in all directions.

It is time we recognised vehicles for what they are and provide them with there own special access.

  • Single use carriageways: motor vehicles, cycles, trams – this means roads that only one type of vehicle can access

Rail Crossings

The crossing replacement program is one of the costliest waste of taxpayers money to ever have been introduced by a state Government.

The single criteria for replacement should be to ease traffic congestion where main roads cross the rail network.  Examples: Bell Street Preston.  Bell Street Coburg.  Glenferrrie Road Armadale.  High Street Reservoir.

While it is regrettable that lives are lost on rail crossings, it should never be a reason for it’s replacement.  Our crossings have loud clear warnings and barriers, end of story.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Finally… stolen vehicles

If we have number plate recognition technology, why is more than $5.2 billion lost nationwide to motor vehicle thefts in Australia?

It seems our governments are happy catching speeding motorists but not criminals.

Hmmm, speeding fines is revenue, stolen vehicles are not.


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