Twitter | Password Recovery + Email

I’ll start this post with saying, I am actually a huge fan of TWITTER, but I am not a fan of Twitter’s password recovery process. In simple terms, if you have lost your password and cannot access your email address there is NO OTHER OPTION to gain access to your account. It does not matter […]

Hacked WordPress | What Next?

If you haven’t heard, hackers are once again targetting WordPress web sites but they have a new way in. This time round, they are trying to get in via your WordPress Admin area.¬† In millions of cases, hackers already know two key elements about your login: where to login (ie your username (admin)* * […]

Spam, spam everywhere spam!

The song went signs, signs, everywhere signs, I think it was in the late 60’s or early 70,s, but in 2013, the song would be rewritten.. Spam, spam everywhere spam It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I am faced with an ever growing inbox full of emails from people and companies I’ve never […]

Favicon | the world’s best web sites have one

Have you ever noticed when arriving at a good web site how it has its own favicon? What’s a favicon I can hear you ask… well look in the address bar above where it says just to the left of the address is a nice little image or icon that says KOZ.. thats our […]