My Man Cave

I am lucky enough to have a fabulous man cave.  It was fortuitous the space was suitable plus an understanding partner. The cave is situated on a lower level (basement) of our home in a warm comfortable area. Man Cave Priorities Space – seating, television, speakers, coffee table Furniture – seating (chair / couch), coffee table, […]

Melbourne: Worst Drivers In The World

Who is to blame for Melbourne having the worst drivers in the world? VicRoads is to blame! I have absolutely no doubt the cause of Victoria’s atrocious drivers and a system close to gridlock is the organisation responsible for it. VicRoads and it’s nanny-state attitude is the cause. Don’t be fooled into believing VicRoads (Government) […]

Making A-League special again

SOCCER is dying a slow death in Australia with memberships at an all-time low, falling spectators and general apathy from the Australian public. Its governing body is out of touch with what Australians want from a sport in 2018. Player antics.. faking injury, staging for frees, unacceptable behaviour where the players are seen as primadonna’s not […]

TigerTime: Best Day in 37 Years

As Toyota would say, oh what a feeling. Now, this post is not me gloating (although I’d love to Adrian), it’s about how it feels as a supporter of a premiership team. Damn good, real good, amazing is how it feels. I have been on an emotional high since Saturday 30th September 2017 at around […]

Twitter | Password Recovery + Email

I’ll start this post with saying, I am actually a huge fan of TWITTER, but I am not a fan of Twitter’s password recovery process. In simple terms, if you have lost your password and cannot access your email address there is NO OTHER OPTION to gain access to your account. It does not matter […]