Drivers That Cannot Change Lanes

Here is an interesting driving observation that many drivers might not have noticed, until now. There are drivers out there that can only manage one lane (usually middle) and rarely change lanes, even when a car in front of them is in their way. There have always been drivers who only drive in the centre […]

Love Myki

 And I thought it was only me that loved MYKI! For the past couple of years I have had a Myki card in my pocket and used it quite a few times without a single problem.  I do not commute to work, so I don’t use it on a regular or daily basis, but when […]

V/Line meets Metro

In a case of dumb meets dumber, an investigation has found that communication between V/Line trains and Metrol [Metro’s train control centre] will take four years to upgrade. Four years, 48 months, 1,460 days = are they serious? In the meantime, whenever there is an issue where one operator needs to talk to the driver […]

Road and Rail to Nowhere

It seems Melbourne has always been ahead of its time. First there was the ill-fated Outer Circle Railway which today, if nothing else provides drivers with a bridge over the Yarra at Alphington. There has been the promise of a rail line to Doncaster as far back as 1889 to link up with Australia’s First […]

Mark Edmonds | Bourke St Resident & Idiot

I read this article about a man named Mark Edmonds who lives in Bourke Street Melbourne, who is complaining that the city is too loud. I wont be as kind-hearted as Nicholas Jones (see his open letter down below) when I say… Mark Edmonds, you’re an idiot Get out of the city now, you selfish […]