Bicycles Online Dream Takes Off

I was reading an article in TheAge the other day about two clever young guys who were making their mark selling bicycles online when I read something that really annoyed me.. “none of the big brands would allow their bikes to be sold online” Isn’t that restrictive trade.  You can sell our bicycles from a […]

Australia Post | Ripped-Off!

We’re being ripped off by Australia Post, with the approval of the Australian Government. While on one hand the Government says that Telstra cannot have a monopoly because it would be unfair for Australians, on the other hand it allows Australia Post to operate in a complete monopoly, a law unto itself. Australia Post decides […]

Password | Security Tips

Here he goes again, Mr Doom and Gloom! Well, not quite but read on if you use passwords. Yes, I said passwords! We all do. We use them all day every day. After reading an article by Memphis Barker, in which he asks whether you think your password is safe, then think again, I quickly […]

Sensis | Incompetent Customer Service

After three years of trying to have an outdated web page removed from CitySearch, it goes to show just how big and incompetent Sensis has become. The page to be removed: Aladdin’s Theatre Restaurant Address: is a Sensis product. Why?  Aladdin’s Theatre Restaurant ceased trading in 2009 (it is now 2013) The phone number* shown […]

Richard O’Dwyer is an idiot not a copyright thief!

We are 100% behind Jimmy Wales in his calls to stop the extradition of Richard O’Dwyer to the US to face copyright infringement charges. Are they serious?  The absolute worst case scenario for Richard O’Dwyer, is that he be charged with being an idiot.. O’Dwyer , 24,a multimedia student at Sheffield Hallam University, faces up to […]