I heard a beauty of radio this morning. Ross asks John, do you know what a JUNNER is? No Ross, what is a JUNNER? A JUNNER is urban slang for a person wearing JEANS with RUNNERS. Melbourne Dad* says: I don’t understand it. I’ve worn runners (trainers) with jeans for many year. Why? They are comfortable. […]

Laugh With a Bang | Big Bang Theory

When it comes to favourite TV shows, I lean towards the funny side of the shows.  I want to be entertained and made to laugh, not sit there trying to work out ‘who done it’ specially when the all-important clue is some miniscule detail that is only revealed in the final minutes of the show. […]


I couldn’t count the number of times that young players in our team have asked me before a game, who are we “versing”? Versing I yell back, what sort of word is versing?  10 push-ups and never say it again. They could say.. playing, competing against, up against, which are all acceptable terms but there […]

Headline| All Rise For The Mare

We do love a clever headline, and this fits the bill perfectly.. All rise for the mayor, a clever play on words, as in All rise for the MAYOR.. Following another fantastic run and win by Black Caviar. This run and win at Flemington in the Black Caviar Lightning Day Stakes is 23 consecutive WINS […]

Recycling in the old days..

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman that she should bring her own shopping bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment.  The older woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.”   The cashier responded, “That’s our problem today.  Your […]