About Koz

Who me?

Koz is a born and bred Melburnian, or more accurately a born and bred Richmonite, or simply a Tiger.

A Richmond supporter since hearing a roar from the M.C.G. which was not far away from where I grew up in George Street, Richmond.  What was that noise Dad? I remember asking.  That’s the crowd at the ‘G’ son he said.  The ‘G’, what’s that?  The ‘G’ is short for the M.C.G. or the Melbourne Cricket Ground, one of the best grounds in the world son, where they play football, cricket and once they even hosted the Olympic Games.

I had heard about football (footy) at school and wanted to know more.  It turns out it was 1966 (I was 11) and it was the finals.  I don’t remember who was playing but I remember Dad saying we baracked for a team named Richmond because thats where we lived.  Apparently we didnt like Collingwood or their supporters because they were in the next suburb.

Next minute I became a life-long member of the Richmond Football club, and a proud Eat ‘Em Alive Tiger supporter.  Through thick and thin (yes, there has been a fair bit of thin), I support the mighty Tigers.  Its funny though, between 1967 (my first year as a supporter) and 1980, we had 5 magnificent premierships (1967, 1969, 1973, 1974 & 1980), so I feel honoured to have been a part of the club during that successful era.  Our time will come, we will roar again, and watch out when we do…

I went to the now defunct Richmond High School, and then spent my 20’s in Melbourne before travelling the world for the next 15 years living in England, Austria and the Greek island of Crete.  I moved back to Melbourne and then realised what a great city it is.  I have spent ever since, telling the world and Melburnian’s, about marvellous Melbourne.

My vision for KOZblog is a place to have my say and depart a little knowledge.  Sometimes it will be to bring a subject to your attention while other times it will simply voice my opinion.. that doesn’t mean its right, its just ‘my’ opinion.

KOZ (aka Mr Melbourne)