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KOZ is a Melburnian, Richmonian (eh?) and Tigers supporter.

KOZBlog is my world, my ideas, my thoughts and opinions, my perspective.

You're welcome to read and comment so long as you, be happy.

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My Man Cave

I am lucky enough to have a fabulous man cave.  It was fortuitous the space was suitable plus an understanding … [Read More...]

Melbourne: Worst Drivers In The World

Who is to blame for Melbourne having the worst drivers in the world? VicRoads is to blame! I have … [Read More...]

Making A-League special again

SOCCER is dying a slow death in Australia with memberships at an all-time low, falling spectators and general … [Read More...]



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UrbanBuzz is Australia’s own social network for LOCALS on your smartphone! Born from the frustration of not … [Read More...]

Shaw IT Services

Shaw IT Services provides computer repairs, laptop and notebook repairs, PC maintenance and IT support … [Read More...]