I heard a beauty of radio this morning.

Ross asks John, do you know what a JUNNER is?

No Ross, what is a JUNNER?

A JUNNER is urban slang for a person wearing JEANS with RUNNERS.

Melbourne Dad* says: I don’t understand it. I’ve worn runners (trainers) with jeans for many year. Why? They are comfortable.
Is this sooo bad? (this is me in Junners):

It did give me a giggle, because if anyone could be described as a jummer, it’s me, I’m always wearing jeans with runners.

Of course it got me thinking, what are some other names:

  • Joccer – jeans and crocs
  • Jainner – jeans and trainers
  • Jonger – jeans and thongs (flip flops for the Brits)
  • Jarrer – jeans and bare foot
  • Jeeler – jeans and heels
  • Jooter – jeans and boots

Luckily, Ross didn’t mean JUMMER
According to urbandictionary.comJummer = Blow job, to suck a dick.
I caught a jummer from some broad last night.

*PS: Melbourne DAD should write more, he writes well.