Drivers That Cannot Change Lanes


Here is an interesting driving observation that many drivers might not have noticed, until now.

There are drivers out there that can only manage one lane (usually middle) and rarely change lanes, even when a car in front of them is in their way.

There have always been drivers who only drive in the centre lane, the lane closest to the middle line. I’ve never really understood why they do it. Often they drive slower than the traffic around it making it even more frustrating but this new behaviour will make you think again.

Drivers who do not change lanes

I’ve watched it repeatedly over the past few months and it has happened many times.

On my way home I make a right hand turn at a set of lights. I indicate giving drivers behind me plenty of time to change to the left lane and go past me.

But invariably there is the one or two cars that pull up behind me and wait until I’ve turned.

There are no other cars preventing them from changing lanes and going past me, they simply sit and wait.

I can see the face of the driver behind me looking ahead of my car to see when I might turn.

I can see their eyes looking in their own rear revision mirror observing that they could change lanes but they don’t.

  • Is this a confidence issue?
  • Is this a skill matter?
  • Is this plain and simple, inexperienced drivers?

Next time you are turning right, look in your rear revision mirror and watch the driver behind you.  You might be surprised.