Twitter | Password Recovery + Email

I have to start this with saying, I am actually a huge fan of TWITTER, but I am not a fan of Twitter’s password recovery. In simple terms, if you have lost your password and cannot access your email address there is NO OTHER OPTION to gain access to your account. It does not matter […]


I have been a member of CHOICE for over 30 years.  I liked it as a printed publication, but love it as an online resource. I find myself having to pry myself away from reading and reading. In short, you would be mad not seeing what CHOICE thinks ‘before’ buying anything.  CHOICE will have already […]

The Other Side of Julia

The other side of Julia.. not, oops I mean’t knit! The headline read: Julia Gillard: Knitting shows another side of me Well, it certainly does but I am afraid it isn’t the side she may have been hoping for? For the non-believers, the photo is a very bad case of staged photography. My mother-in-law said: […]

Local Car Industry Lost!

I spent a few years of my early working life in the motor industry here in Melbourne Australia. I remember back in the 80’s when the government of the day introduced changes which at the time appeared tough, but now in 2013 I can see why, the measures were aimed at protecting our local automotive […]

Australia Needs A Car Industry!

Australia needs and deserves a car industry.. not an industry only propped up by Government dollars, but a fully protected industry that encourages manufacturing here in Australia, along with dealerships that service the industry. A thriving car industry provides thousands of jobs, not just in the manufacture of the vehicle but the many hundreds of associated industries […]