KOZ is all about ME

KOZ ? = bkoz [because]

Koz is a born and bred Melburnian, Richmonian and Tiger lover.

This is a blog of ideas, thoughts and opinions, my perspective.

You are welcome to read, comment and if you wish, disagree.

Never forget, how amazing life is.

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Out Of This World Pictures

Modern technology never ceases to amaze me. A few years ago, my sons primary school was invited to participate in a discussion with the astronauts as it sailed past many thousands of kilomoters in space.  3 students were invited to each ask a question, which the astronaut would answer. Amazing 7pm at night and 400 […]

Drivers That Cannot Change Lanes

Here is an interesting driving observation that many drivers might not have noticed, until now. There are drivers out there that can only manage one lane (usually middle) and rarely change lanes, even when a car in front of them is in their way. There have always been drivers who only drive in the centre […]


I heard a beauty of radio this morning. Ross asks John, do you know what a JUNNER is? No Ross, what is a JUNNER? A JUNNER is urban slang for a person wearing JEANS with RUNNERS. Melbourne Dad* says: I don’t understand it. I’ve worn runners (trainers) with jeans for many year. Why? They are comfortable. […]



UrbanBuzz is Australia’s own social network for LOCALS on your smartphone! Born from the frustration of not knowing what is happening locally, UrbanBuzz connects locals instantly so that everyone can get the best out of where they live. Individuals, businesses and organisations can now instantly connect with each other. Know all the chatter, sales and […]

Shaw IT Services

Shaw IT Services provides computer repairs, laptop and notebook repairs, PC maintenance and IT support services, onsite at your home or business in Melbourne. Based in the northern suburbs and serving the Melbourne area, we provide prompt, personalised onsite service. Contact us for a free quote or friendly advice about your IT support needs. To […]

Hair on Parade

Hair on Parade is a hairdressing salon and mobile hairdressing services is located in Thornbury on the outskirts of Melbourne. Owned and managed by Peter and Jamile, they specialise in cutting, coloring, perming, long hair, classic & modern styles, hair ups with bridal, formal specialty. The web site aims to show existing and new customers […]